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Shipping info & Policy

Plus A Bit About Us At The Bottom

**Please make sure to select UPS option at checkout**

Shipping is done through UPS Monday and Tuesday to ensure the safety of the trees being shipped.

If ordering more than 10 trees please contact me first for a custom quote, Thanks!


If ordering trees in winter (August through February) please keep in mind that your tree will most likely arrive in a dormant state. This is completely normal and to be expected.

Sorry we cannot ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico or out of the U.S


In the unlikely event that a tree arrives dead JR’sMaples will refund or credit for the tree that arrived dead. To receive credit a picture must be taken and sent by email within 2 hours of the arrival time postmarked on tracking. JR’sMaples is not responsible for the tree after it has arrived healthy and happy at its new home. If ever there is a question on the care of your maple don't hesitate to contact us. Here at JR’sMaples that’s what we strive for, healthy and happy trees before your purchase and after.

I started This admiration many years ago with a fascination for the tree and the culture it originated from. As many of us experience, it becomes almost like an addiction.

Thanks to a friend I've made and the leap of faith, I'm able to bring my passion to almost anyone. New keepers or experienced lovers will find admiration in these trees. 

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